Plant Articles Like Farmers Plant Seeds

A lot of people out there think that they can write just a few articles and experience excellent results. It is true that those few articles might outperform other articles like them. If you think about it like a farmer’s crop though, it quickly becomes obvious that a farmer is going to have to plant more than just a few plants if he wants to actually make money from it.

Some of those seeds that you plant will never germinate. Some of your articles will be flops and not deliver any traffic because you made some mistake with them. Maybe you made poor choices with the titles on a few of them. Those ones are never going to blossom into healthy traffic generating resources. You have to plant enough seeds to compensate for the ones that do not turn into healthy crop bearing plants.

Instead of sewing just a few seeds (writing just a few articles), set some time aside to write a whole bunch of decent quality articles to publish. Pretend you are sewing a whole field full of seeds. If you want to have an abundance of traffic, you are going to have to have an abundance of little traffic generating articles each contributing a little bit more to the overall project.

Spread those articles out over a number of weeks or months. Then when they start generating traffic for you, that traffic will keep coming as new articles get published and discovered. This is like a farmer planting his vegetables at different intervals so that he will have ripe produce over a much longer period of time.

If you are an affiliate marketer or internet marketer, you can apply this same mentality to your individual website projects. Probably about 80% of your sites are going to under-perform the other 20%. You have to do enough of these projects so that you have enough of the 20% producers to earn your money from. The other four out of five can be somewhat neglected as you nurture the two in ten that are good producers.

If you think you are going to build one website or write just one article and experience great results from it, you are fooling yourself. It could happen, but it would be like winning the lottery. You really need to do enough work for each website so that it has a real chance to succeed. If you don’t put in the hard work, then you cannot expect great results. You have to be willing to do it knowing full well that this particular site might not turn into a real winner. That is the cost of doing business on the internet.

Regardless of whether it flourishes or not, you are going to have to move on and work on another one. Keep planting seeds and eventually you will have a large enough crop to bring you a bountiful harvest.

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