Quantitative Social Media Analysis

Numerical tools tend to be extremely analytical, based on hardcore numbers. They are largely automated using PHP and other scripts to pull data and perform analyses that result in summary statistics, charts, and graphs. best url shortener

Twitter evaluation:

  • TwitterGrader – This tool is developed by internet marketing leaders HubSpot. The exact algorithm is a guarded secret, but from what we can tell, TwitterGrader uses the ratio of followers / following, tweets per day, total number of tweets, and total number of followers as primary metrics for their 0 to 100 ranking.
  • Klout – This tool started out as a Twitter evaluation too, but has spread to include many other social media platforms including Facebook, Google+, and many more. Klout attempts to analyze three different quantitative metrics which are: Reach, Amplification, and Network.
  • TweetStats – This tool uses the Twitter Application Programming Interface (API) to extract data related to number of followers, time of days, and day of week that tweets were posted, etc. This data is useful to make sure that marketing policy posting schedules are followed, and follower growth is progressing.


Facebook evaluation

Rather than farm out or allow third-party analytics, Facebook tries to provide as much numerical data as possible through Insights and their API. Insights offer “insights” into how many people see your status updates, how many likes your page has, how many comments fans make on individual pieces of content, etc. The best way to use these “insights” are to figure out what content gets the most interaction and continue to post that type.

Other quantitative evaluators

There are dozens of other quantitative social media analysis tools, which provide small clues as to “how your small business is doing with social media”. Some of our other favorites include:

  • Blog grader – This tool, also by HubSpot, analyzes blog posts by counting words, links, and images. The summary compares measurements to industry best-practices.
  • YouTube insights – Similar to Facebook, YouTube keeps track of subscribes and video views. One really cool feature it video “insights” which can indicate where in each video viewers click off or drop out.
  • – URL shorteners like are very common throughout social media. Using this shortener has the added bonus of some high level analytics. For example, if you share a link on Twitter

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