5Removal of Weeds

6. Dealing With Bugs and Other Predators

Aside from the bugs, we have a lot of deer, elk and moose in our area. And while they are beautiful to watch, they can devour my entire crop of heirloom tomatoes or bed of tulips (which they aren’t even supposed to like) within 5 minutes. Because of that, we have had to put up fences… TALL fences. The dogs can’t stay outside because of the coyotes and the chicken yard is covered in netting for the same reason. You learn to adapt.

There are also tools that can be used in Social Media.

Besides the basic sites and their corresponding smartphone apps there are Hootsuite, Market Me Suite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Sprout Social, and a myriad of other tools that you can use to leverage your time on social media. Do some research to see which one(s) resonate with you.

3. Addition of Nutrients

Just like most soil needs added nutrients such as peet, sand (if it has a lot of clay) and composted materials in order to produce a great crop, so does your social media.

Setting up your social media profiles correctly utilizing your keywords, your website and other social media links (as space permits), adding your photo and some interesting tidbits about you is a great nutrition for your social media platforms.

Social media nutrients also come in the form of content (both your own and curated content).

Your own content can be tips for success in your particular niche or blog posts that offer valuable information to your readers.

Curated content is content that you find and share from trusted folks in your industry (or who have provided general interest information). It might even be inspiration quotes.

You may have noticed that I did not include sales pitches in the nutrient category BUT if you have cultivated (another gardening word) a great relationship with your followers, your offerings will more than likely be seen as a nutrient.

4. Fertilizer

All plants need fertilizer to help them grow.

Social media needs fertilizer, as well.

I believe that this comes in the form of tribes, twibes, Tweet circles, sharing circles such as Social Buzz Club, Facebook share groups, etc. Also included would be submission of your articles to article sites such as EzineArticles and posting and commenting on other folks’ blog posts.

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