Joining Clubs Do They Work For You

In this article I write about how we can be content with life by learning to love ourselves and appreciate what we have in life. There are a lot of people who compare their lives to the lives of their friends and neighbors and then think that they are not good enough. This can make them feel jealous and even depressed.

Alberto Mallo

I have to admit it was just like the people I describe above. He was unhappy with the car he drove, the company he worked for, the amount of money he earned annually and even the girlfriend he owned. My friends seem to drive much better cars, work with much better employers, earn a lot more than I do annually, and have much nicer girlfriends, sorry Claire!

Since then I have managed to change my attitude towards life and am now very happy with what I have in life. Now I look at the big picture and instead of focusing my thoughts on people who I feel are better than me, I watch news from all over the world and hear about people less fortunate than me. I definitely feel now very lucky compared to most of the people who live on this planet.

I didn’t like myself much either, I wanted to be taller, stronger, and a better communicator (stutterer) and more fit than I was (I was so fat). Since then, I have accepted that there are several things I cannot change, like my height, and thus I have accepted that I am shorter than the common man. I’ve also thought about the pros of being short, having more legroom on a plane, etc. Other aspects of my life I wasn’t happy with, but I felt I could change or improve them, I have worked hard and I am now heavier and happy with it and I have overcome my stutter.

Now I like it, and if other people decide not to, that’s okay, I have enough people who do. Anyway, I think that’s what’s important, so if they think I’m an idiot, that’s okay, because I think I’m not.

Now I have an opinion that the car I’m driving or how much money I’m making isn’t important. For me, health and happiness are the two most important things in life and they are two things that money cannot buy.

I’ve decided that stressing or worrying about a situation isn’t helping me succeed, it just makes it worse and makes things more difficult. Now I think to myself that all I can do in life is do my best, and if I do I will be proud of myself.

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