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Do you know who loves movies? Most people do. Almost everyone watches a movie or two every two months, but movie fans are something else. They are the people who go to the movies two hours before opening night only to be among the first to see a certain movie. Extreme situations, like Star Wars fans, will be camping in front of the cinema for a few days or dress up like the movie characters. It’s fun to meet people like that because it’s easy to buy gifts for them. Some movie mementos can be expensive items. 8-inch Han Solo Marquette costs $ 80.00. There are some cheap things you can buy for the movie lover in your life.

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Press kits are volumes of information about a film that was created to be distributed to theater owners, film critics, and promoters prior to the film’s release. They often contain cast lists, trivia, still photos or images reproduced from the movie, and small gifts or additional design features. The X-Men 2 press kit is designed to unfold like the danger room doors in Mansion X. Some press kits even have DVDs with movie trailers and interviews with the stars. The larger the film, the more accurate the press set. Finally, people who get a lot of information end up selling or giving away their press kits. Ask your journalism teacher or media friend for a set of press materials for a specific movie, or purchase them on eBay. For someone who loves this movie, it would be a prize.

It’s a fun concept when you think about it, but people take pictures while the actors do. Still images from movies or a particular star, once framed, make a great gift for any fan and pay tribute to your bedroom. Still images can be purchased through entertainment stores such as Hollywood And Vine or any number of online retailers who purchase copies from the company that publishes the film. Many stars have websites or administrative offices where you can write or post for a signed frame and many autographed photos can be purchased through charity auctions. With a scene from your favorite movie or someone on your wall, your friend will never have to wait in line to see you again.

The ultimate sign of loyalty to the movie is having a 40 x 27 poster image hanging above your wardrobe. Some people love movies so much that they decorate their entire home with movie posters. Popular movies generate a lot of stickers for stores to sell. These posters are usually a standard size of 36 x 24 and easily fit into the poster frame. For a better gift, go to a movie theater or video retailer and request to show it when it’s finished. They usually give it to the first customer who orders it. Stage posters are much larger, usually 40 x 27, and require a special frame which you can find at your craft store or online. It is larger than life and a true collectible masterpiece for any movie enthusiast.

The point of any gift is to show that you love and support them. With these great souvenirs, your friendship will continue to be the main attraction.

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