How to Prevent an Asthma Attack Naturally

Asthma attacks are a nightmare. The panic, fear, and struggle to regain normal breathing can make it seem like an eternity to get relief.

Most medications and remedies are reactive “solutions”. Here are some preventative actions that can be taken that can give you confidence and control over asthma.

1. Optimize digestion

Poor digestion can create toxins in the body that can lead to inflammation.

Add herbs and spices to your diet that promote having more frequent bowel movements. Garlic, ginger, aloe, senna, cascara sagrada, barberry, clove, and turmeric are all helpful in promoting good digestion.

Eliminate foods that cause digestive problems. A good starting place is to remove refined sugar, refined white flour, and dairy as they all have negative effects on the digestive system.

Add digestive-friendly foods to your day with green smoothies. One of green smoothie a day can give your body a much needed boost of vitamins and minerals. Here is an example of my typical daily green smoothie; water, coconut water, ginger root, celery, kiwi, parsley, and romaine lettuce.

Chew your food thoroughly. This one may seem simple, but it was actually hard for me. I’ve been scarfing my food down since I was a kid. But the benefits are too good not to keep practicing. It allows more nutrients to be absorbed and it allows your stomach not to work so hard since the pieces of food are much smaller.

Try intermittent fasting. Just don’t eat sometimes. I’ll have to admit this one sounded crazy to me, I love to eat, and I was sure I would starve! But one Sunday I went for it. I didn’t eat for 24 hour and I lived to tell the tale, in fact I felt really good during the fasting! The major benefit to this approach is it gives the digestive system much needed rest.

2. Stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water. This will help the mucus in the lung from becoming sticky. It’s easy to lose track of this step during the busy day and with so many other drink options available water can be overlooked.

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