A Preface Of “Shopping”

Shopping is a procedure in which goods and services offered by the retailers are examined with the intent to buy or shop. An activity of purchasing some goods after proper selection is termed as shopping. Basically, it is considered as a leisure activity. In this recreational activity, one visits a range of stores while shopping in search of a desired or a suitable produce to buy. Whereas the activity in which shoppers engage themselves in browsing different products through glass and windows of various shops just for entertainment and enjoyment is window shopping. In this activity, the shoppers only imagine to buy these items without purchasing them in reality, probably to pass their time.

For others, shopping is truly a vexation and an inconvenient task. Shoppers going through extensive hours while waiting in long queues to buy one popular product as specifically observed with initial holiday shoppers and early adopters. Sometimes, shoppers feel ripped-off due to the inability to get one what they have paid for and end up in asking for money back. Sometimes buyers also get trapped in scam. Recently, shopping activity has been identified as an addiction, commonly consigned as shopping addiction, compulsive shopping, formally Oniomania or Shopaholic, these shoppers possess a spontaneous uncontrollable requirement to go for shopping so as to attain high or rush.

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