Famous People Who Died of AIDS

The world is grappling with AIDS at epidemic proportions. Every year thousands of people get infect with HIV/AIDS and several thousands succumb to the disease. Even children are not spared by the disease. There are some famous people who contracted the disease and later succumbed to it. These deaths were eye openers as the media reported them and soon people started gaining more knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

Here are some famous people who died due to AIDS:

Arthur Ashe: He is the only African-American until now to have won the Grand Slam at Wimbledon, Flushing Meadows and Australia. In 1980, Arthur had to have a heart surgery and thirteen years later, in 1993, he died due to AIDS. Ashe was the first junior African American tennis player to be awarded with a national rank by the US Lawn Tennis Association.

Freddie Mercury: The lead singer of the band Queen died due to bronchial pneumonia brought on by AIDS in the year 1991. He was world famous for his live performances, great singing ability and charisma. Mercury was a homosexual but was very reticent about his personal life.

Isaac Asimov: The father of science fiction was always interested in this genre from a young age. He wrote his very first fictional novel when he was just eleven years old. Many of his books gained cult following including the famous novel I, Robot. Asimov died in the year 1992 due to AIDS related complications that caused heart and kidney failure.

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