Famous Sports Bloopers – Remembered For All Time

Whether it’s divine intervention or simple genetic determination, there is a select group of men and women who are physically gifted enough to become world class athletes.

Some use those gifts to secure a college education, while others parlay them into millions of dollars on the professional level. But, no matter their skill level, all are more than capable of producing moments that will live on, not as examples of excellence, but those of hilarious futility.

Remembered for all time as famous sports bloopers, where lapses in attention, common sense or physical dexterity intersect with fate to create indelible incidents.

Of course, we as fans, live for these foibles. After all, we, who are not so gifted, revel in the fact that our heroes are sometimes saddled with feet of clay or heads of cement. We enjoy knowing those sometimes arrogant mega-millionaires can fail like the rest of us, and on a much more brightly lit stage.

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