Finding Out the Famous Music This Year

2013 may not be done just yet, but you will find that this year is full of amazing music. Some cool artists are releasing some of their best songs this year, and many of them have reached the top of the music charts. In this article, find out what is currently trending in the eyes of teens and adults who listen to the most famous music. Find out what is currently becoming popular and growing.

What are some extremely famous songs of 2013?

Taylor Swift’s hit I Knew You Were Trouble has become quite a hit. This song just speaks to the hearts of women who once had a man come into their life that just caused them so much trouble. This has been ranked #1 among many lists online, and Taylor’s song has consistently been making the rounds all throughout the radio stations. She definitely is a starlet who will stay in the spotlight. However, the one man who has beaten Taylor for most popular song of 2013 is Bruno Mars. His two famous hits Locked Out Of Heaven and When I Was Your Man have consistently been played throughout the radio. He has sustained his fame despite his alcoholic troubles. His two hits are played on nearly every radio station, since both songs are amazingly about love, they both have remained stuck in the heads of teens and adults. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys has become such a huge hit. The music is about her being strong and capable of doing anything. The lyrics hit home for a wide variety of people. Her story in life is moving, and the story of this song is no different. She delivers the song well and sings just right.

Daylight by Maroon 5 is another famous hit. Many people like him and consider him the best music maker in the industry right now because of his team’s ability to make songs that are catchy. Adam Levine and Bruno Mars are two very successful musicians who know what music is supposed to sound like. They have a mix and match personality where they create hip and fun songs while they also create strong and heartfelt ballads every once in a while. They deserve to have songs on the top of the music charts. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together By Taylor Swift is another song from the young woman. She has been at the top of the music charts for the past few years. This song is focused more on the fact that she is never going to back to that same old guy again.

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