How to Discover the Best Famous Restaurants in New York City

New York is an amazing state with so much to offering for the millions of visitors who come through to experience great fun there for the whole family. There are many famous restaurants that are perfect for each person including the enjoyable atmosphere. Keep in mind that many of these restaurants do require a reservation, showing up without a reservation brings about a big chance of waiting in line for an open table which does waste away your vacation time.

1. The Four Seasons is a fine dining restaurant establishment serving American cuisine located on Park Ave and Lexington Ave. Because of the popularity of the restaurants it is recommended to reserve at least 3-4 weeks in advance especially for the evenings and on the weekends.

2. The Hard Rock Cafe is an American cuisine serving delicious burgers, fries and salad. One of the most noted area in the restaurant is the The Hard Rock Cafe’s memorabilia all over the restaurant. They do sell their famous tee shirts and other souvenirs.

3. Kiva Cafe is a natural, renaissance-like and peaceful cafe that offers a sense of solitude and relaxation for their customers. The architecture of the cafe focuses on ancient cultural architectural structures with a southwestern feel to it. The pots and ceramic wares normally holds foods and beverages that are consumed during cultural events. The food of Kiva cafe serves are organic fresh and nutritiously prepared ingredients. Some of the foods are farm fresh milk, yogurt, ice cream, teas (loose leaf), granola, in addition to vegan cakes and muffins.

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