Three Famous Astrologers From History

There have been many, many astrologers throughout history – a genuine count of the people who have used astrology to predict people’s futures is impossible. However, there have been hundreds who have become well-known and famous because of their talents and while it would be a mammoth task to list them all and their achievements what follows is a brief history of three of the most influential and most famous astrologers in history.

Michel de Nostredame

Perhaps the most famous of all astrologers, Michel de Nostradame, better known as Nostradamus has remained in print with his book Les Propheties since 1555 and he has been credited with the prediction of many of the biggest world events since his death. Nostradamus was born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in the south of France in December 1503, there is some disagreement around the actual date, but it is agreed to be either the 14th or 21st of December. He studied for a little over a year at the University of Avignon, but when the university was hit by an outbreak of the bubonic plague he left. What is interesting that if he had been able to stay he would have moved onto studying the Quadrivium (a medieval term that meant the four liberal arts) and the Quadrivium included astronomy/astrology as part of its curriculum, however because of circumstance Nostradamus never formally studied what he became most famous for.

He spent years travelling the countryside researching herbal remedies and through his own self-training, he became an apothecary, something that was to result in his subsequent expulsion from the University of Montpelier, as apothecaries were seen as being unsuitable to train as Doctors – his primary ambition.

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