The Nature Of The Journey [Yoga]

Kriya yoga has found a place in some people seeking a deeper, more spiritual connection with their lives. It is a meditation and yoga technique directed to Kundalini, which also teaches some spiritual and esoteric principles. Unfortunately, like many similar “spiritual” power structures, it teaches you that your power resides mainly outside of yourself, which means that you need a “teacher” or “teacher” to access your innate spirituality.

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Kriya yoga has some goals that se

em attractive and promising. Your goal is to remove “obstacles” and “blockages” from the mind and body. However, the view is something interesting here. Because what is a hindrance to a person may not be to another person. This takes an interesting light on power structures and belief systems, and highlights the importance of keeping your sovereignty in mind and action.

Kriya yoga was brought to the West by Yogananda in the 1920s, who established the Self-Realization Fellowship as a “holistic yoga” discipline that sought to address both the spiritual and physical aspects of the self.

Kriya yoga is mainly derived from three other yoga techniques: karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and Jnana yoga. Karma Yoga focuses on the movement of the soul in and out of the mind. Jnana yoga focuses on wisdom, allowing for freedom of mind. Bhakti yoga focuses on love, as it allows you to accept everything around you. The purpose of combining them was to “purify” the mind and the soul, and the proponents of kriya yoga believe that they can achieve self in this way more quickly than following other disciplines.

Preparation of the curia

The first step in Kriya is to “prepare” your body, and it does this in one of two ways. For many, hatha yoga is the perfect preparation exercise. However, for others, who may not be flexible, alternatives are offered.

Then, in the globule, the cuttings are ready. General behavior is studied as part of the mental process in this discipline, so it is imperative to ensure that your mind is properly focused. Moreover, Kriya yoga technique pushes you to study general health, hygiene, purity, and even metaphysical principles. Nevertheless, they together help “prepare” the mind for later technologies, which use the body’s life force currents to apparently “improve” the brain and nervous system.

Mantra is taught in the techniques of Kriya Yoga. It is believed to deepen the contemplative experience. This sound technology definitely tunes the object, like a tuning fork, just like any repetitive, focused sound. The question is, of course, to what frequency is the body in harmony?

If self-realization is a journey, who are we going to take? Us or someone else? No doubt, Kriya Yoga resonates with some people. For me, I prefer more transparency.

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