Miami’s Best Cook Books

The unique blend of cultures in Miami has resulted in a unique style of cooking that blends Cuban, Jamaican, American, Haitian and other Caribbean flavours to create a new kind of flavour that you will not find anywhere else in the world. This style of cooking has become so popular that there are now a number of cookbooks emerging that detail recipes to try to re-create these amazing flavours. Here are the top 5 currently available.

Miami Spice; The New Florida Cuisine; as a Julia Child Cookbook Award winner, this book offers up a great variety of recipes to try to re-create the unique blend of Cuban, Latin and Caribbean flavours that has become so synonymous with Miami’s food in recent years. The book also offers details of how to deal with some of the less-well-known ingredients used in the recipes, as well as addresses and information on where you can find some of them.

Mmmmiami; Tempting Tropical Tastes for Home Cooks Everywhere; written by a cooking teacher and the editor of the food section of the Miami Herald, this book offers up recipes that combine Cuban, Jamaican and Haitian cuisine with an infusion of some Jewish flavours to offer up a variety of exciting recipes that are easily re-created by readers. The book also offers a number of variations (up to eight on some dishes) on many of the recipes, which mean that there is something in here for even the fussiest of eaters.

The Food of Miami; Authentic Recipes from South Florida and the Keys; not only does this book offer up a variety of Miami’s most famous recipes, it also has input from some of Miami’s most renowned local chefs who each put their own twist on dishes. The authors enthusiasm for the food also shows through in this book and offers added inspiration for would be chefs to give their utmost when attempting to re-create the dishes in the book.

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