Arrested in New York City, Now What Do I Do?

On any given day of the week, over 500 people may be arrested in the five boroughs of New York City. These arrests are for a variety of alleged crimes and violations of the law, from the most minor offenses to the most serious. Sometimes, people accused of unlawful behavior are contacted by law enforcement and given the opportunity to voluntarily surrender. In those cases, the arrested person is able to mentally prepare for the ordeal of being arrested and taken to court to appear before a judge. In most cases however, an arrest occurs in response to a report of an unlawful act and the person arrested generally does not know beforehand that they are going to be immobilized by law enforcement, taken into custody, and held as a prisoner for an undetermined amount of time. It is this unexpected and shocking occurrence that creates such stress and fear.

Police officers and other law enforcement officials realize that the people they take into custody will often be fearful and stressed out and they capitalize on those emotions to extract damaging evidence particularly in the form of statements and confessions from the people they arrest.

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