A Chapter Ahead: British Airways A380

With the takeoff of the first A380 flight at London Heathrow, the dynamics of British Airways changed hugely. One significant difference of an airbus from the rest is the obvious looking enlarged size. Much bigger than the famous Boeing 777, the aircraft becomes so enlarged that there were instances where the hangar had to be extended for the aircraft to fit within.

In today’s times, many airlines are successfully operating the A380 flights. BA is accredited to be the first British airline to have embarked on the A380 journey. Today, British Airways operates its flights to hot destinations such as Miami, Los Angeles and Hong Kong on A380.

Here’s what the journey through British Airways A380 looks like.

1. Economy Class

The World Traveller offers a total of 303 seats, each of them far more comfortable and spacious than BA’s older planes. This service is only offered to passenger flying further than Europe. For more storage space, window seats are more desirable.

2. World Traveller Plus

Although this costs extra than the standard World Traveller class, when flying through World Traveller Plus, you have a better chance of getting upgraded to business class. Even when you don’t opt for it, the facilities are far more supreme than the standard economy. The seat offers far more leg room and the cuisine are selected from the business class menu.

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