Information on the British Crown Jewels

The British Crown are the various kinds of regalia and vestments that were used by the rulers of United Kingdom. The Crown Jewels include the crowns, swords, rings and many more objects that were used by these rulers for state functions and other important events.

Everything that is a part of the British Crown Jewels is magnificent and historical. The most extraordinary article among these jewels is the Imperial State Crown which is made out of more than 2000 diamonds and many other precious gems. It also contains two pearls which were once worn by Queen Elizabeth I. There are also other crowns like the Imperial Crown of India, which was made for King George V’s visit to Delhi. Since the Crown Jewels could not be taken out of the country as per the British Law, a new crown was prepared for King George.

There is also the George IV State Diadem which was made in 1820 to be used by King George IV for his coronation. Apart from these, there are also the Mary of Modena’s Crowns, which were worn by the Queens for the coronation. Lastly, there is also the Queen Mother’s crown which is one of the most expensive crowns in the world. This is the crown that contains the legendary diamond Kohinoor, which was presented to the Queen by the East India Company. As per a legend this diamond is lucky if worn by a woman but it is disastrous if a man wears it. The other items in the British Crown Jewels include scepters, swords, and coronets.

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