The Experience of British in Australia

The long standing history and rivalry between the United Kingdom and Australia has been overshadowed by the increasing number of British expats moving to Australia. There are many reasons why Australia is the one of the main choices British expats choose to move to. As a result, there has been an increasing number of British in Australia in the past few years and projected to further increase in the current decade.

One reason that British in Australia have chosen to stay and live in the country is the very favorable weather. Aside from actually being in Australia, many are enticed by stories of Christmas parties on Bondi Beach and other outdoor celebrations which aren’t the norm in the UK. What is not reported though by many British in Australia that the weather in the country is wide and varied, very much like the landscape of the country Down Under.

Another good aspect of life in the country that British in Australia send home as news is the prospect of employment in the country. There are many opportunities available in many industries scattered all around the urban cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and the capital city Canberra.

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