The Top 7 Must See Castles of the British Isles

The castles of the British Isles have always been a fascination for travelers from the time they were being constructed to modern times. Castles bring to mind royalty, kings, queens, princes, princesses, and for some, even dragons. The stuff of fantasy and intrigue, roughly 5000 castles were built in the British Isles since the Norman Conquest. Many castles were originally built from wood and later reconstructed in stone. England, Wales, and Scotland are home to some of the most famous and highly visited castles in the world.

Castles exist as monuments to a time when kings had them built not only to serve as palace homes, and symbols of power, but also as fortresses to protect people and secure land from conflicts and warfare. Through the centuries, many castles have fallen into ruin. Others have been preserved and a few even remain inhabited to this day.

This article will focus on seven of the most famous castles travelers visiting the British Isles should consider as part of their itinerary when traveling to this part of the world.

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