A good SEO strategy

For any business owner, long-term and lasting success will of course be a natural goal. For this reason even the smallest local businesses are now investing more time, money and resources towards online marketing, most particularly venturing towards SEO.

Agencies, specialists and freelancers will no doubt have noticed that in the past few years, SEO has grown rapidly in popularity. As internet usage has witnessed a tremendous boom, more and more business owners are now aware that search engine optimisation is an important piece of the puzzle. As an SEO specialist I applaud the fact that business owners are now aware of the impact that SEO can have however are many even aware of how much work a good optimisation strategy requires?

A good SEO strategy works really well (and that isn’t just my biased opinion) however its implementation is by no means an easy task.

Securing sales is important for any business but in the urgency to achieve this, agencies will constantly be bombarded with questions including the infamous “why am I not ranking yet?” and of course the expected “why haven’t I sold one item yet?” It has become all too clear that although many are now aware of the impact of SEO, they lack the understanding of the work and inevitably the time involved.

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