How Tiny is a Tiny USB?

The development on the pen drive industry is simply never ending. When pen drive was first developed, the storage capacity was only 8MB or so. Today, not only these data storage device comes in different storage capacities, but also in many designs, shapes and materials. Its revolution has come to a point where the industry leaders are coming out with the ideas based on the cool factor.

One good example is tiny USB and it is the result of the cool factor. Data storage device’s key players in the industry have come out with the smallest pen drives you will ever find on earth.

This is the purpose of the article. You are going to discover what some of the smallest USB drives are and by the time you have finished reading this article, you will want to have one for yourself.

One of the digital data storage device developers, KingMax, has put up their effort in research and development together to build a pen drive that is as small as the size of a paper clip. If you know what a paper clip is, you would know how small it is. This tiny USB does not come with a casing that protects the inner parts. In fact, it is wrapped with a plastic that which packaging system is patented, in order to ensure the durability lasts even longer. Also, it is designed in a way where you can put the USB drive in your wallet easily, no matter where you go. If you wonder what the storage capacity would be, it can really go up to 8GB. One downside, though. If you own one, you will have to be extra careful because if they are not handled with care, you will lose it easily.

Kingston, another data storage device expert, introduced its DataTraveler Mini Slim USB flash drives to the world a while ago. This is slightly bigger than the one mentioned above and the unique point comes from its thickness, which is really as thick as a credit card. It measure is at 1.529- x 0.645- x 0.253-inches. This type of tiny USB comes in many different striking colors and you can choose one based on your preferences. Each of them can store up to either 2GB or 4GB of files. It is truly another great job done by Kingston, in terms of the cool factor.

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