Networking Orientation

Orientation is an integral part in students, employees or new members getting acclimated to their new environments. A key successes include understanding the academic or work culture and being productive and efficient in those elements. Well, networking is no different. Whether you are joining a new group or attending an event for the first time, it is important to be aware of your working or learning surroundings. Networking continues to offer an opportunity for growth, interactions and development. In order to be successful at it, individuals must know how to navigate through certain processes and situations.

Listed below are tips on how you can make the most of your networking endeavors for continued personal and professional success.

Purpose Oriented

As you start or continue to pursue your networking mission, it is essential to be purpose oriented. Have a plan for achieving your goals. Focus on building relationships and actually creating a network or support system of trusted colleagues and counterparts. Be intentional in your connections or interactions as well as strategic. Use networking as a tool for career or academic advancement while seeking out ways to increase your status.

Brand Oriented

Establish and maintain a strong professional or personal brand with others. Be clear and consistent in your words and actions. Show yourself as highly professional and dependable when it comes to doing business for credibility sake. Do not forget to properly market yourself, products or services. Be known for your skills, abilities and communication styles for making those substantial connections.

Inclusion Oriented

Operate in a diverse networking capacity. Look for ways of meeting different people or doing business with various companies or organizations. Find common interest and shared platforms for fostering understanding and appreciation. See the value and immense benefits of inclusion as a means of impacting your existing networks. Encourage others in your circles to be universally focused and diversity minded.


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