4 Reasons Why Physicians Quit Their Job

For some physicians,               especially those coming out of residency, they might just jump on the first opportunity that presents itself and later on come to see that they moved really fast and there are better opportunities that offered more remuneration than what they got. Because there is a contract involved the doctor will wait out the terms of the contract and as soon as they in the clear will go looking for a new job.

Family Reasons

One of the commonest reasons why physicians leave there jobs is due to the absence of their family in the same location as them. Family influence is really very important and most people underestimate the impact individual. Most initially think they would be able to function adequately, travel back and forth during weekends and holidays to see their family. The toll eventually gets to them and they decide to relocate to where their family is.

Another situation is where the spouse finds a job in another location and moves. The doctor tries for a while to cope and eventually will decide to move and be with the family. Family reason is a very strong influence and it is very important to find out from the doctor during the hiring process to find out from the physician the spouses job situation and whether there is any chance of relocation soon.

Excessive Calls

Well, the fewer the calls a physician takes the happier they seem to be. Sometimes the call schedule becomes the bone of contention with the doctor and eventually a time will come when a better proposition comes up in another facility with a lighter call schedule and the physician goes for it.

Cultural Fit

Being comfortable in a practice and being able to move with the flow could be the deciding factor whether a physician stays or leaves. Working with other staff members might just be too difficult. The work load might turn out to be something you did not bargain for. There could be too much under surface tension stressing the physician out or the culture is just different from the culture where the physician is coming from. When such a situation occurs the MD bids his time and is off at the least opportunity he has even if it means taking a pay cut.



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